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Verkline is a designer, developer and manufacturer of aftermarket high performance and motorsport chassis upgrade products. These products include subframes, wishbones, uprights, suspension links, top mounts, bushes, gearbox mounts and as time goes on we will develop more products to solve more chassis problems to drop lap times and drag times.


Verkline designs, prototypes and test-fits the products at their development, design and manufacturing centre in Poland (Europe) and in conjunction with other specialists around the world, like top drivers at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. We also manufacture parts for WRC and e-TCR cars that compete around the globe in professional motorsport.

When testing is completed and the parts validated, they are sent to the Verkline manufacturing department where using CAD and CAM systems, parts are made with incredible precision. Once manufactured, Verkline performs the final assembly, quality control and shipping. From development, design to manufacturing, everything is controlled in-house at Verkline.

As all the parts are 3D CAD designed and CNC produced on Verkine’s machines to assure premium quality and repetitiveness. We are using the best materials possible including BS T45, 25CrMo4, 15CDV6 tubing and S355, 25CrMo4, Docol, 15CDV6 metal sheets. Metal parts are machined from C45, 25CrMo4, 15CDV6 and 36NiCrMo16 steel. We use motorsport specification uniballs of various sizes for our spherical bearings which are reinforced with special motorsport PTFE liner and come with dust boots for longevity.

In House Machines

We use in house machines for production and product compliance:

  1. Mikron HPM 1000U 5-axis milling machine
    • 1000x800x600 mm working range
    • 20 000 min / HSK-A63 spindle
    • WPC 5 pallet magazine (500×500 mm)
    • ATC 210 tool changer
    • machine weight 17 ton + 2.5 ton palette changer
  2. Mikron HPM 800U 5-axis milling machine
    • 800x800x550 mm working range
    • through spindle/tool cooling air
    • 20 000 min / HSK-A63 spindle
    • 60 tool changer
    • machine weight 16.5 ton
  3. Mikron HPM 800U 5-axis milling machine
    • 800x800x550 mm working range
    • 20 000 min / HSK-A63 spindle
    • 60 tool changer
    • machine weight 16.5 ton
  4. Mikron VCE 1000W Pro 3-axis milling machine
    • 1100x600x675 mm working range
    • 14 000 min / SK40 spindle
    • 24 tool changer
    • machine weight 7.8 ton
  5. Gildemeister CTX 400E lathe
    • 5000/min / VDI-30 spindle
    • 12 tool stations with driven tools
    • C-axis
    • machine weight 6 ton
  6. Hexagon Absolute 7-Axis Measuring Arm
    • high-accuracy touch probe measurement (0.048 mm)
    • measurement volume 2500 mm (max. reach 2900 mm)
    • RS6 blue laser 3D scanner (0.058 mm accuracy)
    • Mitutoyo granite surface Plate 1000×1000 mm
    • Brunson portable 11 kg Tetralock stand for mobile measurements

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