Carbon Brake Kit for 15 inch wheels for Audi R8/Lamborghini Huracan

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Our Carbon Brake kit is a supplement of our R8/Huracan suspension set and fits only with it (BKA-590). These products have been designed especially for use only on drag racing circuit.

To provide our customers the best quality, this kit is ready to be used with Strange Engineering carbon brake discs, pads and calipers. The biggest advantage of mentioned parts is the possibility of using 15″ rims. This size of tire is the most popular in drag racing. The most important is that the 15″ rim gives the possibility of using a bigger tire profile what significantly increases the traction and improves times.

Other advantages of this brake kit connected with Verkline full suspension kit are:
– 15″ tires do not touch the chassis on high speed due to tire deformation what sometimes takes places using 17″ tires,
– possibility of significant increase of caster for better stability,
– much bigger 15″ drag tires market and availability,
– 15″ rims and tires decrease have less rotational inertia and weigh less than 17″,
– carbon brakes discs are 35% lighter than original ones, what decrease rotational inertia too and unsuspended mass,
– reinforced brake lines are included in set what improve brakes feeling,
– all parts have been designed using FEM simulation what proves safety, strength and lightweight,
– all mounts are made of 6082-T6 black anodized aluminium what proves good strength, corrosion and heat resistance,
– despite of huge rotor size decrease, our Brakes set generate 85% OEM set Brake force,
– brake balance is moved to the Front axle by 15%.

What is included:

  • caliper mounts
  • brake hats and brake disc retainers
  • ABS sensor heat covers
  • brake lines and brake line mounts
  • bolts and additional hardware necessary to mount the kit on the car

Notice: Kit comes without Strange Engineering carbon brake discs, pads and calipers. It is customers responsibility to additionally buy parts listed bellow directly from Strange Engineering on top of our pars.

List of the parts necessary to purchase additionally from Strange Engineering for the brake kit to work:

  • B5042 – 2 pcs
  • B5070-150 – 2 pcs
  • C1790 – 4 pcs
  • L4050H – 8 pcs
  • P2322 – 4 pcs

Notice 2: this kit does not come with wishbones visible on pictures attached. They need to be purchased separately. It is part number WAS-590.

Notice 3: kit comes with black brake lines as standard.

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Package Weight 25 kg