Rear adjustable trailing arm – Toyota GR Yaris

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Here are our revolutionary rear adjustable trailing arms for Toyota GR Yaris.

OEM wishbone bends during normal operation and this increases when the car is lowered or camber/toe is increased. Our CNC billet wishbone has spherical bearings to avoid that and it is also big increase of stiffness results in better handling in corner exit and under acceleration.

Price is per pair (set for one car).

Our wishbones also help to eliminate unwanted dive and squat on the car. Here is helpful video about ani-squat -> Anti-Squat Suspension Geometry – Explained

Product functionalities:

  • Anti-squat adjustability.
  • Anti-dive adjustability.
  • Lighter than factory OEM part.
  • Stiffer and stronger than OEM part – designed to withstand track racing and rally abuse.
  • Uses spherical bearings which eliminates rubber bushings deflection and gives much more direct and predictable response.


  • 3 position anti-squat and anti-lift adjustability (0, 20, 40).
  • Precisely CNC machined out of aluminium.
  • Welded with high strength steel
  • Part comes preassembled ready to install.
  • Black coating for nice look and corrosion resistance.
  • Compatible both with OEM and Verkline uprights. Plug and play kit.
  • Parking brake line brackets are included.
  • Set includes special adjustable rear anti-roll bar links (ELA-052)

What is included:

  • Two complete arms with high quality PTFE motorsport spherical bearings
  • Two top hats, that sit in the car body
  • Two adjustable rear anti-roll bar (sway bar) links
  • Set of install bolts
  • Printed install instructions (8 pages)

Used in:
– Toyota Yaris GR 2020

Note: Installation of this rear insert kit will introduce some additional some NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) transfer into the cabin.

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Package Weight 6 kg